140 characters: Monica, Aidan, Jason and Meredith… sort of

“Sir Aidan!”  Monica barked into her headset, “What the hell are you doing over there? You’re holding up this mission.”  She was done healing the wizard, and it was time to get a move on. The clock was ticking.   The team stood in the wasted battlefield, looking at the steaming orc corpses.  Jason Fell, the thief, kicked over the dead to see if they had anything good to steal.

Monica was home by herself, so she took the chance to run a mission on her MMORG without Sabrina making fun of her.  Four of her six man team was online, so they ran a mission they’d been planning for a while.

“You’re jeopardizing the win,” she told him. Everyone always joked that Minica had a Napoleon complex.  Aiden was the fighter, and usually he was damned good, but he seemed distracted today.

“Come here,” he said, his voice sounded funny, “Please, look at this.”

It was a shield.  It had a glowing insignia of a dragon in blazing red and gold.  It was beside the battlefield, not in the actual action, so it was doubtful the orcs had been carrying it.

“I’ve seen it before,” Monica said, “I have been seeing it for a few weeks. You can pick it up,”

“I’m out of slots, I’d have to drop my Shield of Righteousness,” He said, his voice thoughtful and frustrated. “Without knowing what it could do, it could be a downgrade.”

Monica sent her character forward and hoisted the shield. “I’ve used it before. It doesn’t stay in your gear once you log off, but it shows up a lot.  It’s got a strong defense, but no offense at all. You can’t use it to bash or slice the way the Righteousness works. And it doesn’t matter to vampires at all, but it seems that the orcs shy away from it.”

“As anyone besides Mini seen this thing before?”

“Nope,” Fell said.

“Nope,” Meredith chimed in.

“Let’s get going,” Monica said, reminding them of the ticking clock. “The Damsels of Brahalia are still Distressed.”

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