Uncounted … [Webcomic nudge]

The scene in today’s Uncounted was probably the second major visual I had for the world – how to send simple but secret messages.

The idea of using painted rocks to mean things between two people is weird.

I mean, why not send a note? Well. Paper is in low supply, for one thing. For another, notes can be intercepted.  Why not just send the messenger, and let him or her speak the message? That works, too, but what if they don’t know where to find the recipient? What if they don’t know when the recipient will return home?  You’re taking your chances that the messenger won’t have to spend a night or two sleeping on a door step, waiting to deliver a simple message.   So, why not just create a signal system, then. And why not painted rocks?

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(My mom will laugh a little about rock-painting, as that was one of my “creative projects” that I would go outside and do quietly for several hours. I then tried to sell them in a roadside stand (a la lemonade) as home decor objects. Paper weights, knickknacks.  Because random passers by in our 29-house village really needed rocks someone else’s kid painted.) 


One thought on “Uncounted … [Webcomic nudge]

  1. 🙂 I hadn’t even gone to see the comic – which I liked very much because it had a more hopeful positive vibe to it – and I got a chuckle from the childhood memory.

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