Reading Another’s Words

I hadn’t banked on being part of the partner part of “Critique Partners” when I put it out there that I’d wanted some. Now, as I dig into the words of my friends, I’m learning entirely different lessons about myself and about writing.

My first conflict is one between my style of writing and theirs. It’s hard for me to comment on something that might be a matter of style, rather than the substance of craft or form.  It’s hard to remind myself that every question is subjective, and that they are actually looking for my subjective opinion as much as I’m looking for theirs.

This is so much harder than it looks.

It seems especially hard when I’m also trying to write my NaNoWriMo piece. I’m not very good at letting my editor play with one thing and then boxing her back up for another. She tends to get huffy when I say “edit this, but not that.”  She’d rather edit all of it at once.

One of my CPs has asked for me to hold on to her feedback until after she’s done with her 50K words. It’s not a bad idea. I’ve already made my notes, but perhaps I need to consider making the same request for my own work.

I tweeted on Sunday that I’m wandering, but it feels like I’m headed in the right direction.

I think hiring an editor for my query letter and synopsis was the right choice. I think getting these CPs lined up was the right choice. And I think plugging away at my NaNoWriMo novel is still teh right choice. (It has even blurted out a sequel!)  I’m flying blind, but I think the compass is still pointing the right way.


What do you think?

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