3 things I should be doing besides blogging

I try to blog quickly and thoroughly on Saturday morning so that I can free up my weekend time for weekendier things.  So, here are other things on my to do list that I should be doing but I’m not because I’m blogging. 

1. Drafting The Holiday Newsletter

Every Christmas, I send out a mass email to several hundred people. It contains a simple greeting from me, and a PDF attachment.  The PDF is anywhere from 5 -10 pages long of newslettery goodness.  When I conceived of the newsletter idea, I realized that it was lazier than filling out personal cards, cheaper than mailing a hundred plus cards out, and potentially tacky.  I decided to call it what it was. The first edition of “Lazy, Cheap & Tacky” came out in 2008.  

Now, it’s a great way to share photos with people who aren’t on Facebook. It’s a way to provide a little more color commentary to the annual info-dump letter tradition. Everyone really seems to enjoy it, because I will start getting notes as soon as we hit December first as to when people can expect to see their copies.  The truth is, I’ve done one pass on the monster and forgotten about it. Need to get on that. 

2. Housekeeping

My house isn’t the messiest place, but it’s not the tidiest either.  I should dust. 

But I won’t. 

3. Writing

I know blogging is technically an act of stringing words together into sentences, but I mean writing fiction. I should be writing fiction. But I think I might be done for the day. My brain says “bleargh”. 


What do you think?

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