Happy Birthday, Doctor!

converse sketchI tried to do an artsy homage to the tenth Doctor by sketching the red Converse All-Stars he inspired me to buy.  I gave up before it got too detailed, but I’m not in a cartoony place this morning.  On Monday, we’re going to see the anniversary special at the movie theater, and I’m pretty much prepared to be overwhelmed.

I’m an anglophile, and a science fiction nut, so it follows that I appreciate Dr. Who.  I have seen most of the episodes of the tenth Doctor (because I think Tennant is dreamy), but I don’t really consider myself a die-hard fan.  In the world of fandom, I have a deep acquaintance with the Whoniverse, at best.   Though, to my credit,  in 2012, I only watched 90 minutes of television, and they were all Doctor Who episodes.

In the “which doctor are you” quiz, I netted out as the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker’s iconic long-scarfed Doctor) in terms of personality. It makes me want to go watch a few of those episodes to find out just why…




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