Quick! Someone give me an idea!

I am a little appalled and not a little amazed that I’ve managed to pull off a daily blogging schedule for about a year now. That’s over 365 daily blogs in a row.  The structure of knowing what kind of post to do each day does help. The random updates on my life mixed in among other things helps as well.

But then there are days like today.

When this feels like navel-gazing nonsense and I should slow down to a less regular posting schedule.

I’d write about the books I’m reading, but I’m about 2/3 of the way through a Dresden Files novel and I don’t want to keep reading because it’s hard to play in someone else’s story when I’m writing my own.

I’m reading critique partner pieces, which are so fun and interesting, but I don’t think I’m at liberty to write about those. Trust-factor and whatnot.

I do like reading comics right now, but I’m out of comic books in the house, and can’t afford a trip to the comic shop anyway.  I want to be able to share Comixology with Brett, but for that I’d need to read at my computer, which feels self-defeating.  I did ask for a refurbed Kindle from Santa to be able to do that though.

I’d write about what I’m writing, but gosh, I think I do that enough already.

It’s pretty amazing that I don’t have more posts like these, I suppose.

So, um. Yeah. That’s all I’ve got. Here’s a photo I took because it was “lots of lines” in my brain:



3 thoughts on “Quick! Someone give me an idea!

  1. I like the Lots of Lines photo! totally made sense to me….as well as the random babbling, we are okay with that from time to time. – ohhh and you are breaking down and getting a Kindle? How did you decide what to ask for? I have been asked what I want for Christmas.

    • I really want the Kindle more to read comic books than to read novels (though it would really be nice to have somewhere to read the stuff that is e-only). So I need a Fire that has apps and memory and a color screen.

      I don’t need the HD whatever stuff because that’s for video. I want a Kindle (as opposed to a different kind of tablet) because that’s what brett has and we may be able to share stuff, also because it’s cheaper than other tablets, and still does all the same stuff.

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