Three things I love about Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  This happens to be my favorite holiday, so instead of trying to narrow the list of things I’m thankful for down to just three, I decided I’d take a different angle for this Three Things post.

  1. The focus on gratitude.  I try to build gratitude into my life through out the year, and I find that it lightens the emotional load of the rest of being a grownup.  I like that there’s a reminder for people to count their blessings, because sometimes the little things you take for granted are really not so little.
  2. It’s low pressure and low key.  Yes, there’s cooking and dishwashing to be done, but there’s that for Easter and Christmas and every other big family dinner anyway.  There’s no stressing about Thanksgiving. There’s no social pressure and there’s limited financial pressure if you spread the burden of the grocery bill across participants. The expectation is that everyone will have a nice meal and watch football. What is stressful about that?
  3. Comfort-food-a-palooza. I enjoy almost all of the traditional Thanksgiving fare. I enjoy some of it so much that Thanksgiving is the only time I let myself have it. (Like gravy!)  Brett’s mom does an amazing job of allergy-free thanksgiving food for me, so I never feel left out.  I can not wait!

Thank you for reading. 🙂


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