140 characters: Aidan, Jason, Sabrina and Oliver

“She doesn’t even look over here,” Jason said as he stirred the foam around on top of his cappuccino.

“This isn’t her section, dude. And she’s working,” Aidan sighed. He sipped his latte and looked around the Perk Up. Every time he agreed to have coffee with Fell, it was the same damned conversation.

“I don’t get why the guy has this section, this is always her section on Saturdays.”

“Well, the guy is damned cute,” Aidan said, “Your loss, my gain.”

Fell snorted and sipped his coffee. “It would be too obvious if we picked up and moved to her section, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes,” Aidan shook his head, “Dorothy seems pretty nice, why don’t you ask her out?”

“Her real name is Sabrina,” Fell said, rolling his eyes, “Dorothy is just the name tag. And the reason I don’t ask her out is because she’s seeing someone.”


“See the guy with the curly hair over in the far corner?”

“Mmm, yeah,” Aidan didn’t mind looking that way, either.

“He’s powersuit dude. The guy I told you about. I’m pretty sure they are dating.”

“Ah, so you missed your chance when I told you to ask her out two weeks ago. And when I told you to ask her out three weeks ago.”

The waiter wandered by their table. “Is everything okay? Can I get you anything else?”

“I’d love your number,” Aidan grinned up at the adorable waiter, “And to know when you get off work.”

The waiter’s eyebrows lifted. He grinned at Aidan and walked away without saying anything.

“How did you know he’s gay? You just ask? Like that?”

“I don’t know he’s gay,” Aidan shrugged, “And yes, I just asked. I figured he’s more likely to flirt a little for a tip.”

Jason nearly fell out of his chair as Sabrina-Dorothy wandered over, she grinned at Aidan. “You’ve made Oliver’s day, but he is terrified to tell you he’s straight.” she said conspiratorially.

Aidan shrugged, “Always good to make someone’s day. I figured I had to take a shot.”

“H – Hi Sabrina,” Jason said. The girl smiled at Jason. “Hi,” she narrowed her eyes. “I’ve seen you here before, haven’t I?”

He nodded, “I’m a regular,” he said. Aidan winced a little at his friends awkwardness.

She smiled at him and nodded noncommitally, walking away.

When it was time for them to pay their tab, Aidan looked down at the $20 bill in his wallet. He wanted to leave a good tip, “Sorry man, can you make change for this?”  Oliver smiled and took the bill behind the counter to change it. He made  sure to give Aidan plenty of ones, just in case he still wanted to leave a good tip. As he counted out the coins, Oliver he ran his thumb over the worn old fifty cent piece someone had left on a table earlier that morning.

When he gave Aidan change, he used that. It was special, like being flirted with. He hoped that would make up for the fact that he didn’t want to give the guy his number.


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