‘Robo-girl’- a collaborative short story (Hot Potato 2013)

In case you’d like to read all of Robo-girl in once place 🙂


 This Summer through an initiative called ‘Hot Potato’ run through ArtiPeeps seven great prose writers worked collectively on one short story passing it to each other on a fortnightly basis over a period of 16 weeks . What you’ll find below is the complete story edited together.  It’s amazing, and a credit to the writers, how one section flows into another with very little editing done to shape it into a whole. The fantastic drawings you’ll see illustrating Robo-girl  are by artist Deborah Sheehy especially drawn for this project. Robo-girl has been turned into a interactive pdf and will be the first story in a published collection of ‘Hot Potato’ collaborative stories in the future. Watch this space!



B.A. Cooper, Gail Aldwin, C.J.Sullivan,

A.K. Anderson, Laura Besley,

Gwendolyn Salzman & Natalie Elizabeth Beech

Illustrations by Deborah Sheehy


Robogirl,  Image by Deborah Sheehy


The robo-girl sat on the greyed splintered bones of…

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