Author Alphabet

Originally, Thursdays were about the authors I love to read, and I don’t want to lose that purpose if I don’t have to.  Upon reading this post on LitReactor, I decided that I’d try to create my own author alphabet.

You’re going to have to forgive the absence of an X and a Q. I stuck to first and last initials for my list, not simply letter inclusion in a name.  There are 2 for some letters, and that’s because I couldn’t choose between them.

A.       Ann Aguirre, Margaret Atwood

B.      Jim Butcher, Alfred Bester

C.      Chuck Palahnuik, Mike Carey

D.       Emily Dickinson

E.        Clarissa Pinkola Estes

F.        Jasper Fforde

G.       Guy Gavriel Kay

H.       Kevin Hearne

I.         Ilona Andrews

J.         JK Rowling

K.        Kelly Gay, Gini Koch

L.        Louisa May Alcott

M.       Mary Stewart

N.        Neil Gaiman

O.       Octavia Butler

P.       Patricia Briggs


R.       Robin McKinley

S.       Brandon Sanderson, Scott Russell Sanders

T.        J RR Tolkein

U.       Ursula Le Guin

V.       Brian K Vaughan

W.      Joss Whedon


Y.         Yann Martel

Z.         Roger Zelazny


Who is on your list?


What do you think?

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