Thinking about writing a book

I made myself snort as I typed the title.  I’ve already written a book. I’ve got drafts of several. What the heck sets this “announcement” apart from “I got out of bed today”?

Well, the book I’m thinking about writing is not science fiction, nor is it a novel, nor will my idea of success be to hold a paperback or see it on shelves at a bookstore.

This book is an ebook about internet marketing and SEO – my day job stuff. It’s going to be non-fiction, and it has to be an ebook so I can update it on a regular basis (every 6 months or as-needed).

Yes, this is crazy, ambitious, and off the beaten trail for me.

What’s your point?

(Don’t I do that sort of thing regularly just for the fun of it?)

Anyway, it’s still in the planning phase.  But, one thing I’m probably going to be doing is combining my unloved SEO blog with this one, updating my bio, and letting the day job and the night job comingle a little more on the site.   In fact, because I plan to integrate the search blog over here, I think I’m going to change Tuesday’s “anything goes” category into a professional entry for the marketing world.

I’ll try to keep it interesting, I promise.

Keep your hard hats on around here, construction is about to commence.



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