“Fiction Fridays” and other decisions

Before I came upon the idea of “140 characters”, I had named Fridays to be set aside for fiction.  Then 140 came in and made itself a weekly visitor.

I still like the 140 story, but honestly, I think it’s losing people.  I tried a poll last week, and four people completed it.

Going forward, I’m going to intersperse the 140 characters tales in with other snippets of fiction and stuff that I want to share with readers.  That is to say, it’s not going away entirely, but 140 characters won’t be exclusively what I’m writing for Fridays.

Sound fair?

I’ve made 2 changes to the weekly blog plan this week, so here’s the revised summary:

  • Sunday – remains a free space for whatever’s going on in my life
  • Monday – Comics-related posts
  • Tuesday – SEO and internet marketing related posts
  • Wednesday – Science fiction / publishing
  • Thursday – 3 things and On the Shelf / author love if I have anything to add
  • Friday – Fiction
  • Saturday – Cartoons

One thought on ““Fiction Fridays” and other decisions

  1. I wonder if there are a lot of other blog-slackers like me who forget that WordPress exists, and then log on and read a bunch of posts at once. I just saw your post and voted, and I say do what brings you joy. 🙂

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