My Philosophy About Gifts

kitsch graveyardI don’t like to give gifts that people will have to dust. I don’t want to be attached to guilt when someone feels like they need to throw away a gift, or sell it in a yard sale.

gift cards


Studies have shown that people appreciate receiving gift cards, but they don’t associate their purchase with the gift.  It make sense. If I have to go to the store and pick out what I want with my gift card, then it’s something I bought myself.  Those jeans aren’t something you bought me.

I don’t mind giving gift cards, especially for those people without wish lists. I know it’s impersonal, and the thought (that should count) isn’t there.



This is why almost everyone on my holiday list gets a big bowlful of candy. Fudge, buckeyes, bark, minty things, peanut buttery things, and allergen-free things for people who need it.   I spend the better part of December over a bubbling pan on the stove, or shuffling trays of something around inside the fridge.  Then I ship everything out.  I get the satisfaction of giving people something I know they will enjoy.  I know it included my thoughts and love.  They know it too.

To me, this is way better than some gizmo that’s going to break by April, or be out-of-date by September.

Incidentally, I feel much the same way about Christmas cards, too.



That’s why I created a PDF holiday newsletter that we send out each year.  It saves trees, and gives me the time and space to fill everyone in on all of the fun (especially folks without access to Facebook)!

What do you do for the holidays? Do you do anything that might seem weird or different?



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