2013 Retrospective

English: Bullseye on a standard Harrows Bristl...

English: Bullseye on a standard Harrows Bristle Board. Nederlands: Bull’s eye op een Harrows Bristle dartbord. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re new to this blog, you may not realize yet what I’m like about goal-setting and achievements. If you want, you can start here.  That post begins to explain how I am about goals, and why I do this annual check-in. 

The first step is to take stock of the goals I set last year and check out how I did against them. Did I achieve what I set out to do?  I  wanted to meet three words that summed up what I wanted 2013 to feel like:


  • Boundless physical energy, a strong, healthy, active body
  • Alertness and awareness – aliveness


  • Creative ideas spilling out and bubbling over
  • Finishing creative projects – shipping them


  • Connectedness between Brett and I, between friends and family
  • Connectedness in the cosmic sense – compassion, oneness, energy, Namasté

And I created a list of 12 concrete items that lead toward those feelings. Then, a few weeks later I read an interesting book about habits I wanted to break and change.   I’m adding the three main ones here, too.   Here’s how I did against the original list.

  1. Go on a Greek honeymoon with Brett! – check!
  2. Finishing Maaneshin script and submitting – still in progress – issue one is about 75% ready
  3. Working on the collaborative script project underway – never begun by collaborator, but it looks like I’m moving this one into the 2014 projects
  4. Get to my target weight the healthy way  (sleep, diet, fitness) – in progress
  5. Morning workouts for daily vigor – walking extra steps each morning!
  6. Name change (exit identity limbo) – still in progress (50%)
  7. Come up with a speaking topic for a conference and pitch it – Not begun
  8. Publishing contract for Salvaged – Still in progress
    1. Robust Author Platform to support that – Still in progress
    2. Agent queries, etc (if necessary) – Still in progress
    3. Get first draft of Quarantined done  – Just begun
    4. Get Crashed printed in a magazine – Still in draft, tried other stories first
  9. Habit to break: Hitting the snooze 6-7 times when the alarm goes off in the morning.  Habit to make: Practicing yoga during that time instead.  – This was a Fail, but in a good way. I learned that the snooze actually served an important purpose in my emotional well-being. It was snuggly time with my husband, that when not included left me feeling disconnected from him and very, very needy.
  10. Habit to break: Checking social media and email every 30 seconds. Habit to make: Logging my food and activity.  – In progress, actually. When I do avoid social media, I find that I am happier and have an easier time concentrating. I’ve begun logging food again in November 2013.
  11. Habit to break: Negative self-talk, Habit to make: mindfulness. – this one is interesting, because one thing I did this year was a Total wardrobe revamp – included a healthy dollop of self-acceptance and awareness.

Additional accomplishments in 2013 (not on original lists)

  • Uncounted webcomic
  • Started 140 characters serial blog story
  • Exceeded my target number of Twitter followers
  • Participated in Artipeep’s Hot Potato! collaborative story
  • Started working through Vein of Gold
  • Discovered that I like drawing cartoons (who knew!?)
  • Walked an average of 11K steps per day every day through the month of June
  • Brainstormed non-food instant gratification rewards for when my inner brat gets stompy
  • Instituted weekly date nights after the honeymoon
  • Practice daily “flopping”. Whether reading, meditation, yoga, napping, or just sitting under a cat with a cup of tea
  • Attended my 20th year HS reunion in July

Overall, I do feel like I achieved the main goals of feeling connected, invigorated and generative.  I’m not sure how I’ll be structuring my 2014 series of goals, but this year has felt very much a steady long haul of preparation moving toward the next.  While the trips were much needed breaks and reconnections, I do feel like most of my creative and internal work are still leading up toward something much, much bigger!

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