Calling in Tired. Be back Soon

39/365 Tired

This is what I get for searching creative commons photos for “Tired” (Photo credit: Mykl Roventine)

According to my set-in-stone never to be strayed from weekly list of weekly things I do, today is Monday.   I’m supposed to write about comics on Monday.

I have to be honest, all weekend I’ve been very bad about doing what I’m supposed to do. I even went grocery shopping without a list!

In this spirit of rebellion, I think I’m going to take a Holiday break and give myself a little breathing room.

If you’re bored and looking for someone’s gorgeous, lovely, funny, insightful blog to read, pick one:

  1. Utter Failures
  2. The Light Stealer’s song
  3. Slow Bloom 
  4. A Book A Day
  5. Sleepy Book Dragon
  6. Artipeeps
  7. Brenna Layne
  8. Apprentice, Never Master
  9. Writing Possibilities
  10. Daniel Ionson
  11. Catching the shark
  12. Cardboard box office

If you’re more in a comicy place, then go here:

  1. XKCD
  2. Hyperbole and a half
  3. Ordinary Batman adventures
  4. Lunarbaboon
  5. Hark! A Vagrant

What? How are you still here? Go. Shoo! Click. Move along!


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