Step-by-Step: Climbing 2014

I did a group meditation a few weeks ago, where we walked through the tunnel of the past – 2013 – and came out into the light of the year to come. In my mind’s eye, 2014 wound up the side of a mountain in a steady uphill path.

Tank hiking

This was an accurate metaphor, so I’m keeping it.   My goals and tasks ahead of me in 2014 are those of a steady climb. They are tasks and efforts of diligence. They are the compounding baby steps that eventually reach their goal, even if it takes longer than I think it might.

I’m using this rather unflattering picture of myself here because it shows the concentration that this year will take to keep from twisting an ankle.  It will take determination. It will take endurance, stubbornness, and strength.

This photo also reminds me that the work won’t be without rests, beautiful views, great friendships, or unexpected rich rewards. I just have to look up and notice them once in a while.

I’ve got my baby steps worked out in terms of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checklists. Most of them are cultivating or continuing habits of self-care that I’ve neglected or failed to turn into true habits.  Most of them are easy. A single step. Single little steps that will aggregate into a larger final goal. The top of the mountain. The view. The ability to see where I’ve been, and to know the way forward.

My trailname is Tank.

That’s how I hike: rumbling, slow, steady, and unstoppable.

2014, I’m coming.

It’s a rather long list, and most of it is more personal than I prefer to get on this blog. Here are a few the things I want to hold myself accountable for in the coming year:

  1. 30 minutes daily on writing something new
  2. Weekly submissions or queries – putting myself out there regularly
  3. Monthly non-writing creative projects
  4. Monthly woods time
  5. Quarterly 5Ks

I’m planning on playing with the 52 photos project, but it’s more of a fun thing than a “resolution” per se.

What are you tackling in 2014? Leave your biggest goal in the comments!




2 thoughts on “Step-by-Step: Climbing 2014

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