Messing with the format

I’m really struggling with Fiction Friday, and I can’t imagine going through this 52 more times.

Here is my twisted and internecine thought process:

  1. Most publications only accept original work that has not been seen anywhere else (including my own blog).   If I post my fiction to the blog it has to be something I’m not intending to submit for publication in magazines or elsewhere.  Which means either:
    1. It is old stuff that’s in a style that isn’t really my current one, or
    2. It isn’t as high-quality as the stuff I’m submitting for publication. (Sadly, this is what I felt about most of the 140 characters stuff)
  2. However, if someone (e.g. an agent) were to look up my blog and try to understand my writing style and ability, I would not want them to find either (a) or (b) in the scenarios above.
  3. That means that if I were to put fiction on my blog, I’d want it to be current and high-quality.
  4. But if it’s that good, why is it on my blog, and not in submission queues to try to get printed?

Rinse, repeat.

I think my plan will be to submit my fiction until it runs out of possible publication outlets, and at the end of the final rejection, I’ll post the story here.

Which leaves me with Friday without a plan. Free Friday? Photo Friday? Freaky Friday?



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