Small Things Add Up



This week’s 52 photos project prompt was “Something really small.

I went with the blue dot on my Fitbit Flex. Each dot stands for 2,000 steps. Each step is one small thing that I do to help myself be healthy.  The dot itself is perhaps a millimeter in diameter. When there are five dots in a row, the gadget buzzes and the lights flash. “10,000 steps! Hooray!”

I told you in my 2014 resolutions, this year is all about baby steps. This photo is all about baby steps. Everything I do is something very small.  Small things add up.


3 thoughts on “Small Things Add Up

  1. One of my favorite phrases is that baby steps count. Great visual for the prompt but more than that a wonderful reminder that every step is moving you closer to the goal you have set for yourself. Kudos!

  2. Baby steps are the way I live my life. They’re the things that keep me moving forward even if I’m feeling overwhelmed. And when one applies them to health too amazing things can happen steadily. Nicky 🙂

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