Destination: Unknown

I was supposed to go to a conference during the latter half of this week. I asked Brett if he wanted to try to join me. We’d only have to pay for his flight – sight-seeing on the cheap.
Miracle of miracles, he got 5 days off in a row (this is very hard to get).

Then, the conference funding didn’t quite make it through all of the hoops. He had five days off, and we had no destination.

On an evening walk around Piedmont Park, I threw out a crazy idea.

“Let’s just pack and go. Not choose until the day of. Just – I don’t know – roll a dice or flip a coin or something.”

The idea of buying tickets at the last minute is actually on Brett’s bucket list: a spur of the moment trip to some random location.

And the destination: unknown vacation was born.

Here are the rules.

1. We each pack one carry-on bag the night before. What we pack is what we pack. Regardless of the destination.

a. If we need something while there, we will buy it. If we have to buy something, it HAS to be an “I heart <insert city name>” souvenir unless there is no other option.

2. We buy the tickets the day of the flight. After much deliberation on the best, most random way to choose the destination, here’s how it’s going to work:

a. – for the day of departure zoomed in to the area that limits our options to equal the budget for tickets. Pull this up on my touch screen laptop and increase the view on the browser to fill the screen.

b. Brett will be blindfolded.

c. I will hold the laptop at an odd, random angle and placement (so he can’t consciously “aim” for anything.)

d. Brett will touch the screen, mouse-clicking on a destination. This is where we will go.

i. Re-clicks are allowable if he lands off the map, or on a city outside of budget.

ii. We each get one veto – in case we land somewhere we’ve already been, or someplace where flight delays caused by blizzards would be egregious.

Why he likes this –

Brett wants to “make our own fun”. He likes the idea of miniature, obscure museums and random roadside attractions. He really wants to see the world’s third largest ball of twine.
He’s hoping for a destination city isn’t traditionally a tourist stop.

Why I like this –

I can’t plan. I can’t plan until after the decision has been made, and I am going to HAVE to be spontaneous for most of the trip.

Given the opportunity to plan, I will plan things down to the finest minutae. This frees me of that. There are no expectations except to make our own fun and enjoy the time together.

I’m going to clump the photo and tweets for this trip under one hashtag #AKanderswo (thank you Oliver for suggesting a fun German word for “elsewhere” you can see them all there. I will also be posting to Facebook.

If you’re the “just give me the highlights” sort, I promise to blog with photos and stories after the fact.

I promise.



2 thoughts on “Destination: Unknown

  1. I think a lot of people have been fantasizing about doing exactly this. The third largest ball of twine calls to many 😉 Have fun, take lots of pictures and try to find something in a hedgehog. Lots of fuzzy, lovey hugs and fare thee wells!

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