Meta-Blogging: A blog post about blog posts

Today, I accurately described my life in terms of “layers of overwhelm.” By the time I get home from work, I just want to curl up on the bed and suck my thumb until it’s time to go to sleep for the night.

All of the overwhelming stuff is good. Good stress is still stress. Brett’s job changed, and his schedule changed, meaning that my routines are all wonky. My work responsibilities have changed so much I don’t have a morning routine after filling my first cup of coffee.  My personal projects are all over the place and I have a ton of work to do on all of them — but see above about the thumb-sucking.  I don’t have anything I can just do on autopilot. I can’t relegate any of my daily activities to subroutines. Everything takes concentration, thought, presence. Wherewithal.

The trip was wonderful because there was a whole lot of time spent staring at the ocean as it lapped the soft pink sand.  There were no subroutines, but there was no need for them. Because this:

bermuda beach

Meanwhile, I’m neglecting my blog. I have a whole list of blog posts I want to write.

  • I never shared my Wonder Woman review here on the blog.  That was supposed to be a post.
  • I have a “how to pack for a trip to anywhere” post in my brain
  • Then I have the actual trip to anywhere that we took (to Bermuda!) to write about.

When I titled this post, I thought I had more to write than I actually have to write. I’m writing this because none of those are going to happen anytime soon. First, I’ve got to curl up in a ball….



2 thoughts on “Meta-Blogging: A blog post about blog posts

  1. Everyone handles change in their own way. It will all eventually fall into a recognizable routine. Until then, suck your thumb, drink tea, tweet and maybe read a good book ❤

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