I Live in America’s Most Dangerous Suburb

I, too, live in East Point and felt a lot of these same things about that poorly done survey. I see people’s assumptions about my MARTA commute and hometown and I see these numbers and sigh.

I told my neighbors once that I needed a bumper sticker that read “I don’t want to live where I blend in, I want to live where I belong.” THAT is East Point, at the heart of it.

Tropics of Meta

Downtown East Point

According to Movoto.com, East Point, Georgia is America’s most dangerous suburb. As an eight-year resident of East Point, I received this news with a curious mix of pride and loathing. On the one hand, anyone who lives in a “most dangerous” anywhere must by definition be tough and manly—and I have always wanted to be tough and manly. On the other, I was not aware that I had been living in a suburb—and I have always, always been an impassioned opponent of suburban living.

Of course, no one should really take the Movoto.com article seriously. It is based upon sloppy methodology, faulty assumptions, and questionable conclusions. To paraphrase Dean Yeager from Ghostbusters, “you are poor social scientists, movoto.com.” But the tragedy here is that people actually do take it seriously. The article made major news outlets, and has had over 100,000 facebook views at present. A local Atlanta-area…

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