Lady Squirrelicorn’s GISHWHES

A few weeks ago, I saw this  video of Germans trying to say the word “Squirrel” and giggled helplessly.

Sir Skvibble is dubious

Sir Skvibble is dubious

Mostly because Bettina, the German exchange student who lived with us when I was in high school really liked the beverage “Squirt,” and had a horrible time trying to pronounce it.   She got to the point where she made up a new name for it every time.  “I would like a Skvibble.”

Because I tweeted the link, I also challenged my twitterly German friend Olli to say the word “Squirrel” for the fun of it.  Click here for his valiant response.    

Of course, you’ll notice that he lobbed a German word challenge back at me. so I had to pronounce the word “Eichhörnchen” in return.  Which I did.

That! There on her shoulder? That's a Squirrelicorn!

That! There on her shoulder? That’s a Squirrelicorn!

Before I did so, though, I tried to decipher what that word meant in German without the assistance of a dictionary or Google Translate. I thought (erroneously) that it was a diminutive of “Einhorn” – or “Einhornchen” which would be “Little Unicorn”.

Which, quite frankly, is hilarious to me.

I love it when I get things ridiculously wrong. It helps me remember them. (Sort of like my mom deliberately mangling Spanish vocab words when I was doing homework!)

All of the above happened throughout the day yesterday, and across a few weeks prior.

Then, last night, everything changed.

I saw a tweet for GISHWHES (pronounced “Gish-Wez”) .

I’d spoken with a few participants last year, and I was intrigued. So, this year, I started building a team. I told the team that we’d need a name – quickly – but no one sallied forth with an idea.  Meanwhile, one of my team mates had a squirrel tumble down her chimney and take a tour of her home.  Squirrels it was.  Squirrelicorns, in fact.

We’ve got 5 people we have invited who haven’t signed up yet, and four slots I’m hoping to fill with team members from outside of the US.  Team Squirrelicorn is about to rock this silly scavenger hunt.




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