Mini-piphany about Process

Yesterday, I wrote about my writing process and how it has changed.  Today, I had a tiny epiphany about something. Except for slightly better usage of note cards & outlining, this process is exactly like my NaNoWriMo experience.  Not “similar to” that experience. It’s spot-on exactly like it.

Why are they the same?

  1. I will have put a scene in every slot for every bit of the planned plot at 30K words
  2. I’m not including my emotional, authentic real-self stuff – and the piece desperately needs it
  3. I am not including enough sensory details, or enough motivations or emotional responses from my characters

The emotional therapy stuff for the NaNo piece was too raw. It was too hard to talk about, and I ended up beefing up the plan with a few extra subplot scenes and details and let it simmer at 52K words. Now, it’s not so raw, and the issues it is about are actually bubbling back up in real-time.  Is it any surprise I feel like I REALLY want that rewrite / edit pass to be my next project?

The emotional stuff for the current work is both bubbling in real life and not really that immediate. It’s old stuff that’s being accidentally rehashed. That is prime fodder for me to be able to work through the real feelings in my work.

Why am I blogging about this?

Because I’m not calling this first draft “done” yet, and I want to make a note of something. I want to acknowledge that there’s a pattern there.  I also want to learn from and improve upon the pattern.

So, here’s what I would like out of this first draft, and how I would like it to improve upon my last first draft that followed this pattern:

  • I will add both sensory and emotional depth to every scene.
  • I will sit with the discomfort of where my characters must be and be honest about it.
  • I won’t leave any scenes with a “come back later” note to fill in blanks or add context.

Since that’s the same thing I have to do with the rewrite of my last draft, I think this is a valid list of goals for this one.

Now, as for NaNoWrimo 2014…. perhaps the goal will be to do all of that on the first pass?

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