Before I Begin My Quest

I signed up for a lovely idea called #Quest2015, and I’m going to be setting out with other intrepid explorers to define my creative goals for next year.  It’s likely that I’ll be blogging about this trek through December. You know how much I like to blog about New Year’s Resolutions!

Before I set out on a hike, I like to review the list I made before the last trip, and the things I needed (and didn’t need) on that trek.  I feel like it’s important to review 2014 a little before I gaze into the distance of the new year.

the big stuff

There were things that happened in 2014 that I’d consider fairly “landmark” events. Most of them will be covered in the annual holiday newsletter, just like Ethan’s soccer championships and other big deals.  The ways I’ll remember 2014  in a decade will be:

That last one is personal. I might blog about it someday, but I’m just leaving it there to be mysterious, because that bullet is way more for me than it is for you.

goals set, goals met, goals missed

I set some goals for 2014 and most of them were the daily sort that were meant to inch me closer to a long -off dream.

For example, I’d like to be a traditionally-published author (if you want to comment on that, please read this).  In order to work steadily toward that goal, I’ve submitted weekly agent queries throughout most of 2014. I worked with an editor on perfecting my query letter and synopsis. I went to a conference to meet with agents in May. I currently have 2 fulls and a partial out of Salvaged, and I’ll pick back up with my weekly queries in 2015 until I run out of agents or agencies who represent my genre.  I’ve also written and submitted several short works of memoir and fiction to various magazines and publications toward the goals of having published clips. And, I’ve rough-drafted two new novels to get another one ready to query next year.  I feel like I’m still doing the slow climb on this project, but I’m still headed in the right direction.

Brett and I made some headway on financial goals with the long term plan of buying a bigger house, and the long-long-term plan of me someday being able to be a full-time writer.

I missed most of the goals surrounding my health this year. I did lower my cholesterol when it was edging toward risky. And I didn’t gain weight. But I didn’t lose any, either. I’ve finally cracked the code in what it takes to lose with my metabolism, and honestly I’m not sure I’m able to do it  and still like my life.

surprising myself

This year was full of tiny surprises.
I had a dream about painting my nails a particular color one night, and so I did the next day. I have found that I have a great deal of fun polishing my fingernails.  It’s good for me, in a silly way, because waiting for nails to dry requires very deeply not-doing.  It’s a way to play with color and practice stillness at once.

Sewing was less of a surprise. I’d enjoyed it last year. In 2014, I made 4 dresses, 7 skirts, and 4 scarves. I think if there’s a surprise there, it’s both in my willingness to give up the things I’ve made that don’t work, and my ability to let my perfectionism go a little bit.  Seam rippers are my best friend.

Photography has been a recent surprise. I signed up to take 52 photos last January, and I only stuck with it for a few weeks. My camera died, and I only had my iPhone for most of the year. I’ve recently been given a beautiful new camera, and I’m enjoying testing it out. (Here’s a shot I took last weekend.)

pine cone from above


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