Give A Goddess Her Agency

(a rough poem by A.K. Anderson)

Persephone was not kidnapped
She chose to dive.
There was no other way to claim her story.
Until she became Dark Goddess, Light-Swallower,
She was Girl. Maiden. Kore.
Un-storied. Sheltered.  A precious, powerless princess.

How do I know?
The girl was down there for six months.
Who fasts for half a year and finally breaks down to snack on half a lousy bite of pomegranate?
Someone who knows exactly what she’s doing.
And it was a pomegranate! Hera’s fruit of divine marriage.
Canny Persephone did not nosh on olive for a loan of Athena’s wisdom.
Did she munch a bite of whole-grain porridge to call her mom?
She was up to Hades. Down with the Underworld. She accepted her life half above,
half below.

By Nemracc (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Give A Goddess Her Agency

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