The Life Well-Lived List – UPDATE

In October of 2013, I wrote a list of things that I’d accomplished – the anti-bucket list. I was a little startled to see that it had inspired my friend Brenna to the point that she remembered it over a year later, and linked to it in her recent post.  (Just goes to show that we never know how and when we might inspire others…)

It also occurred to me today that I’ve got some stuff to add to the original list. And that that’s an uplifting, fun sort of way to procrastinate.

The original list ends at #46. So, since October 2013….

47. I went Ziplining on a tree-top canopy tour, and rappelling down a giant tree.

48. I – along with my husband – have packed suitcases without knowing where we were headed, and then gone wherever chance took us. (Bermuda!)

49. I’ve made more useful actual things. (8 skirts, 4 dresses, 3 scarves, a big fluffy pillow thing for my niece.)

50. I’ve written non-useful virtual things, that are perhaps more beautiful than the clothes

51. Current Appalachian Trail Mileage is 190.4 and…

52. 14 of those AT miles were hiked by myself, on my first solo overnight backpacking trip.

53. Oh, and on the group hike, I’ve been bitten by a wild pony in Grayson Highlands State Park.

54. … and ate a wild mushroom that I foraged for myself (Nope! Didn’t get sick). And perfected camp-stove popcorn.

55.  I participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen, and that led to…

  • picking figs growing on a tree in Piedmont park ( which included googling “How do you know when figs are ripe?” and asking a stranger to photograph me doing so), and then eating them
  • dressing up as a cave girl to go to out for dinner to a very nice restaurant
  • asking strangers on the MARTA train to sing with me
  • giving a stormtrooper a spa day
  • … and proving that unicorns do fart rainbows

56.  I’ve been locked out of an AirBNB apartment in Harlem for 6 hours – which resulted in a really good buzz at a local bar and a new toast with my husband “To doors that don’t lock behind us.”

57.  I’ve gone to the top of the Empire State Building

58. I’ve kayaked in Florida and gotten within 20-30′ of alligators in the bargain

59. I’ve gone geocaching (66 caches have been logged to date, They have been in 6 states plus an international badge for Bermuda – which is my record for “farthest from home”)

60.  I’ve tumbled into new, amazing social circles and packs that leave me reeling with inspiration and delight

61. I’ve hamstrung a foam velociraptor with a bow and arrow.

62. I’ve taken at least one really good picture.

bow and arrow target shooting photo by AK Anderson


What’s on your list?

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