Lovely Blog Award, and MOAR RANDOM FACTS

Tonya Cannariato and I were clearly separated at birth. Authors, polyglots, and we both hold down day jobs in technical fields. Tonya nominated me for a Lovely blog award, and by writing this post, I’ve graciously accepted. Not dissimilar from the other blogger award posts I’ve posted in the past, I’ve got to come up with more weird stuff to tell you about myself.

One Lovely Blog AwardThe rules indicate 7 random facts, and then tagging others to play along.

Just this week, I found a note on my phone with my Appalachian trail hiking mileage added up from last summer’s hikes.  The total didn’t include my solo hike, which was an additional 14 miles on the AT. So, random fact #1: My actual current AT mileage is 203.9 miles.  I’d like to finish Georgia  in 2015 (I’ve got roughly 25 miles left to do of this section), but I’m going to have to get creative about how and when that happens.

I’m still playing along with the #Quest2015 that I began in December.  This week’s prompt is how I can better sculpt my time in order to achieve my goals.  One way is by cutting, limiting and being more mindful about my time on Social Media. I’ve been doing that, and it’s helping. I do end up with having more time to pay attention to the things that really matter. I’ve also noticed that I’m less emotionally invested in the world online. I don’t care as much about the random news I see on Twitter, I don’t chase down hashtags. I am more open to input, because I’m not drowning myself in it, and I’m more discerning about what I actually take in.   So, Random Fact #2, I spend less than an hour a day on Social Media and I like myself more because of that.

I haven’t been sewing lately. In fact, I haven’t done any sewing since the Wonder Woman Dress was completed last month.  In fact, with the exception of photo walks and occasional scribbling with colored pencils, I’ve basically stopped doing a lot of my non-writing creative pursuits. I don’t think this is necessarily bad or good. It feels like the standard ebb and flow of creative energy. My well is full, and now I’m ready to write.  Random Fact #3 – I’m going to be very busy, and very focused if I want to finish this novel draft by the end of March. 

The main reason why I feel really compelled to finish that draft is because the story is clambering to get out. It is banging on windows and tugging at the doors in my mind. It wants to be on the page. I’m about a week away from full-on writer-draft-flow-obsession.  My husband has braced himself for the messy house that is to come.

There is a second, more businessy reason that I would like to get this draft out of my head and into the hands of trusted beta readers.  By my count, I’ll have run out of agents to query with Salvaged by the end of June 2015. (By “run out”, I mean that I’ve queried one agent per agency that reps sci-fi, is open to submissions, and who I think would be interested in my story.)  Random Fact #4 – Salvaged is no longer precious to me. By June, I’ll have spent over a year and a half of querying, around 100 individual agents.  Some show interest (I still have one full out). But honestly, whatever Salvaged wants to be, it’s going to be. Maybe I’ll decide to rewrite it as a film script. Maybe I’ll let it sit until I absolutely can’t wait another minute to write the sequel. Maybe I’ll query small presses, or self-publish, or maybe I will trunk it. I don’t know. It feels very much like it’s teaching me its lessons and growing up to be its own thing. I don’t know how else to describe that.

That being said, I don’t want to stop querying agents. Random Fact #5 – I have four more completed novels that are sitting in various rewrite phases, that I need to finish editing and start finishing.  One is a science fantasy graphic novel, and I keep thinking I need a different starting spot for the hook. One is an epic high fantasy with no elves, but plenty of magic.  One is a sci-fi rom-com that still makes me laugh to think about. And the one I want to finish in the next 6 weeks is a post-apocalypse of completely different proportions. (Hint: It isn’t our apocalypse.)

Because I’m a writer, I’m also a reader. For random fact #6, I’m going to admit that I absolutely love my Knock Knock Personal library kit, and that Brett has already ordered refill packs for the check-out cards and pockets.

The rolly date stamp is my favorite part. I remember being somewhat obsessed with those in my mom’s office when I was a kid.  There is nothing more exciting than owning -and having a legitimate use for – one of my own.

(I’m a sci fi geek who works with computers and who has been a bookworm her whole life. Do you think it bothers me when you call me a nerd?)

Y’all already know I’m incredibly goal-oriented. I assess and reassess my goals fairly frequently, because it’s pretty easy for me to get derailed and wander off following other people’s goals for me, rather than staying tuned into my own “true north”. Here’s random fact #7: Every so often I sabotage my long-term plans.   One of my current big goals is to move into a house that has a space where I can write that isn’t in the middle of the house. Preferably in a neighborhood in which I’d be comfortable walking through at night.  That goal requires a lot of diligence in terms of paying down debts, living on a careful budget, and cutting expenses. Our random trip to Bermuda last year went exactly against this goal. It was lovely. Necessary, even. But it went contrary to the goal. I spend a lot of time thinking about these hiccups in my forward momentum, and what I can do about them.  Should they be embraced? Avoided? Chalked up to spilled milk? Lately, I’ve settled for observing them, and looking for the common threads among the various decisions of this sort. i’ll let you know if I figure anything out.

Welp, those are my seven random facts. Probably not as trivial as you’d hoped, but this has been a relatively deep weekend for me. I’ve done this before, and I think I’ll do it this way again. Let me know if you want to be tagged. I will post a link to your blog and tweet you the challenge and send folks over toward your bloggy corner of the swamp!


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