Romancing Rejection: ‘Don’t Cut Off An Ear’

I like the message of this – about writing our own narratives, and re-examining the centiBrads. I have an updated view on rejections, and this definitely jibes with it.

Thought Catalog

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O, ‘To Be Poor, Misunderstood, Overlooked’

In this blog-heaving era of ours, you sometimes can find comments as compelling and as nuanced as the writings they follow.

An instance of this occurs this week at Writer Unboxed where Simon & Schuster author Jael McHenry is followed in her post by the literary agent Donald Maass. Taken together, her original post and his comment enrich each other and on a point that many in the author corps might prefer we just not mention.

Jael McHenry Jael McHenry

McHenry’s piece, The Dangers of Storytelling, looks at the tendency among some writers to respond to classic writing-career woes by “telling stories about ourselves.”

By this, she means building up the experience of the struggle to create a little heroic scripture all our own. She writes:

How many publishers rejected the first book in the Harry Potter series? The exact number varies, depending on your…

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