What I owe

I have a post on #SaveSweetBriar saved in my drafts. I keep drowning it in tears. Read Julia’s. She is 12 years younger than me, and describes the same place…. the same debts.

She who sleeps

You may well be wondering what the hell happened this week. Where are the promised blog posts here and on Dead White Guys and The Girl Who Loved Zombies and Tate Street High Society? Where are my thoughts about Ferguson or the Keystone Pipeline or the series finale of Agent Carter?

Or maybe you know.

Monday was my 28th birthday and it was in many respects both ordinary and excellent. I had a great day and I looked forward to celebrating more with friends this weekend. More than that, I felt optimistic about life. It felt like everything was looking up. I had a great job interview that afternoon. It seemed like many of my projects were falling into place. I was about to write a post for this blog, in fact, about optimism and another about the book club I’m starting with my friend, Kelly.

I made these…

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One thought on “What I owe

  1. I read the entire post, Wow, It would be like me losing Southeast. It was such an integral part of me for a significant time in my life. I can’t send you money to save your school, but I can send you all my love and support and a big mom hug.

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