Pardon the Dust

This morning, I’m playing with blogs. I’ve grown tired of the usability issues with my old WordPress theme so I’m playing with others. And by playing, I mean I’m likely to siphon through themes for the next week until I land on one that I like.

Sorry I’ve been so fantastically absent from the blogspace. Instead, I’ve been taking photos, hiking, sewing, and working on various writing projects. I do have a few blog posts simmering inside my head that very well may explode out of me in the next few days. But then again, I might get over those rants and forget to say anything at all.

I’m taking flying lessons, you see, along with the mockingbirds in my hedgerow.


5 thoughts on “Pardon the Dust

  1. It sounds like you’ve been doing exactly what you need to do. My own absence has been a slowly fertile time–I’ve planted a lot of seeds of all sorts, both literal and metaphorical. I hope that you’ll find this time to have been rich with rewards, slow-blooming though they may seem at times. Whatever you write, I will look forward to reading it whenever it appears.

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