Got Spare Change? Want to make a change?

I’ve got four tabs open on my browser right now to which I want to donate money.  I am donating to all of them. I think I’m going to ask my husband to give to some of them.  I’m also asking you to consider giving. Because you read my blog? Because these are things I care about?

I care about the arts.   

Link #1 – The Atlanta Philharmonic needs music stands.  It’s a volunteer only organization filled with dedicated musicians. It’s a fast deadline and a small dollar amount.

I love my woods-time. And I want to be safe when I’m out there.

Link #2 – Cheaha State Park needs emergency medical supplies.  Brett and I took one of the 2 weeks of training that these state park employees underwent this month. (We’re even in one of the pictures!)  This team of first responders is really working to make their park the safest place to play in Alabama.  It will hopefully pave the way for other state and national parks to follow suit.

I want to help save one of the 47 remaining Women’s Colleges in the US. 

Link #3 – I have pledged my Graduation year’s amount of cash to the Save Sweet Briar  fund.  Since this week, they got their 501 (c) 3 status awarded, I’ll be able to change that amount into dollars and still get a tax write off.  Why should we save Sweet Briar? Here’s a really nice summary.

Sweet Briar announced its closure abruptly. They never asked the alumnae for fundraising help (the same alumnae who have raised $14M since March 3rd). They forgot the kind of women that Sweet Briar has been sending out into the world for the last 110 years, and they believed we’d sit on our hands and trust their decision. Heh.

I want to help a Sweet Briar student land softly and safely in an academic home.

Link #4 – I am paying for half of Camille’s tuition shortfall  out of pocket. I’m sewing infinity scarves and screwing up my nerve to open an etsy store to raise more money. Camille is going to knit scarves. Her sister will draw pictures. I’ll paint pet portraits.

Sweet Briar really screwed over all of their 400 students in the Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior years. Even if we can keep it open (see Link #3), there will be restructuring and probably a lag between saving the school and opening doors for classes.  These young women had financial aid packages, scholarships, campus jobs.   With late transfers, they are lucky to have any of those things.  It breaks my heart to think of so many students’ educations being derailed because of the lack of planning and foresight on the part of the college.

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