Dare To Excel

In case you need a burning question today. Also – Brenna add in their mythology and symbolism, and you and I are charting similar courses!

Brenna Layne

Last December’s #Quest2015, brainchild of creative entrepreneur and writer Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder, really helped me to home in on what I hope to accomplish with my writing. It pushed me to dig deeper, ask better questions, expect more of myself while simultaneously being gentler with myself. Good stuff. So I was excited about #DareToExcel, the newest iteration of the Quest. The #DareToExcel challenge consists of a series of prompts over the month, all designed to crack you open to the creative potential of your best work.

Yesterday the first prompt arrived in my inbox:

#DareToExcel Challenge – 1: What burning question of possibility will influence what & how you create during the next 30 to 90 days?

Choose and write down or illustrate the burning question of possibility you commit to. Don’t be afraid of illustrating it with a little personal flourish. The best innovators and design…

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