A Low Key Thanksgiving

I realized this morning that I’ve written a number of blog posts about thanksgiving, why it’s my favorite holiday, what I love about it.  Facebook memories are popping up reminding me of a challenge I gave my friends a few years ago to list 10 things a day they were grateful for.  Some of my posts are schmaltzy gratitude lists.  Some of them are free-write blurts of whatever was going on.  Last year’s made me sob.

It is in honor of last year’s post that I decided Low Key’s nose would be at the top of this page. And because Low Key woke us up bright and early on a day we could have slept in. And because little dog is going to inspire us to go for a bracing walk later this morning to burn some calories before the day’s indulgences.  I’ll be glad when we aren’t living with a puppy and have settled comfortably back into the maturity and relative laziness of a dog. But he brings us joy even when he’s badly-behaved.  (And yes, for you American Gods readers, I know that naming a dog after a trickster god was pretty much asking for trouble.)

As for the rest of it – the stuff I’m grateful for and whatnot – I’m not sure about writing all of that out today.  My heart hurts for the world.  I keep thinking of the Joseph Campbell quote that’s bumper-stickered to the back of my bicycle, “We can’t cure the world of its sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”

I’m going to enjoy today by living in it.  I’m going to enjoy walking this crazy little dog with my wonderful husband.  I’m going to give my mother-in-law a huge hug for making sure there’s gluten-free gravy.  I’m going to try to make my niece and nephew laugh.

I hope you, too, live deeply in the joy of today.  Happy Thanksgiving.



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