2016 Is Going To Rock!


This Ent-ish looking fellow greeted me and my friend Clarice on our overnight hike on the AT in October. Isn’t he cool? I’ve got more Appalachian Trail hiking planned for 2016, so I decided he could the the image for today, even though he’s wood, and not stone.

As I looked at the 2016 calendar and started to write down the things that I’d already committed to doing, a theme emerged. It was a dorky, silly theme, but a theme all the same. So I’m going with it.  There were 6 things on the list of things that I was already planning with the word “Rock” in the name. The Rocky Mountains. Hiking old Rocky Top, Tennessee. Visiting the House on the Rock in Wisconsin.

I’ve embraced it. For 2016, I’ve decided to try to something that “Rocks” once each month. February is in the bag. I’ve signed up for Ladies Rock Camp!  I’ve researched enough state parks, tourist attractions and random things within a day’s drive with “Rock” in the title to make this happen. If I get lazy, I’ll get a pet rock. If I decide to cheat, I’ll watch a movie with Dwayne, “The Rock” Johnson in it.  But no matter what, 2016 is going to Rock.

As for my usual goal setting and priority setting stuff that I do each year? Well, yeah, I did that too. I did finish the #Quest2016 prompts, even though I did a number of them in the privacy of my journal rather than blogging them.

I’ve set myself daily, weekly, and monthly goals just like I did last year and the year before that.  Getting out into the woods once a month is exceedingly good for me, and having a check-box on the calendar reminding me to do that isn’t a bad thing. These are healthy habits that work for me, and I basically just write them down to remind myself of what works.

When I am doing well, I don’t need the checklist, because what works is already working. But when I’m stressed out, the gentle reminder to take a walk in the woods is exactly what I need. Most of these regular goals are baby-steps toward larger ones (e.g. word counts per day toward getting draft two of this novel done this year).   Others are just basic self-care nudges.

Between you and me, I’m in the middle of some really big transformations. I’ve been pretty quiet for a while because of this. I’m probably going to stay pretty quiet as things continue through this course. It’s all good – if anything, I’m just becoming more me. I really do think 2016 is going to rock.

I’ve got to come out of this chrysalis sometime, right?


3 thoughts on “2016 Is Going To Rock!

  1. AK, I love this “rock” business! So very creative. Excited to see how you rock this new year! We have a New Year’s Day party every year, and put up a big piece of butcher paper for people to write things on. This year’s says, “2016 will rock my socks because…..” 🙂

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