A Wanderer’s Watercolors

img_9650This weekend, I went to Savannah to spend a day to two with my husband. Brett stayed behind at the conference, and I’ve headed home for some alone time (and work tomorrow). While he was learning EMS-educator stuff yesterday, I spent the afternoon on the balcony of our room painting.

The night before, we had tried to stretch out in separate double beds – enjoying the leg room for a change.  It took me about one minute to realize that separate beds were not doing it for me. “Nope!” I said out loud, and got out of my bed and into Brett’s.

The short watercolor book I made him the next day was inspired by that moment.


“I travel far away when I am asleep…”


“It feels like I am a very small adrift in the sea.”


“Pagan tries to help me stay put”


“But she is very small. Too small.”


“Sometimes I have nightmares.”


“But when you sleep beside me, it’s like MAGIC. I know where I belong.”


“Even just touching you with one little toe does the trick!”

(We refer to this as “the love toe.”)


“I don’t float away so far on my own.”


“And no matter how dark the night, I can always find my way home.”