• Hypothesis
  • Thesis
  • Antithesis
  • Synthesis

This is the structure of an essay or a novel.  It’s also the outline of the learning process. These four steps are the way ideas move from lightbulb moments into fully-fleshed concepts.

The Tracking Wonder  team provides some tools for our Quest, one of which is the sheet of paper I’ve scribbled on in the photo above.  In many ways, the three prompts for the week, are our theories about an idea, the concept itself, and then its opposite – thus to create at the end the melding of all of the aspects of the idea.  The center of the Venn diagram is the synthesis. Or as Jeffrey Davis likes to call it “the wonder zone”.

In case you have ever seen my blog posts and scratched your head about how, exactly these thought exercises actually help guide New Year’s Resolutions, there’s a perfect example.

Because my calling is to be a storyteller, because loving means working, and because boundaries aren’t a bad thing,  my week one synthesis is:

Setting healthy boundaries to give myself time and space to create and hone my storytelling skills.

That sounds like a pretty solid start to a plan for 2017.


What do you think?

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