The Language of My Intuition

We are in the homestretch with the Quest 2017, and I’m feeling the ideas coalescing.

I’ve been remiss in terms of linking to the amazing thoughts, ideas and responses the other Questers have been posting.  From Kate Arms facing her resistance to get to deep answers to Dorianne Cotter-Lockard making me feel better about being a flamekeeper.  Katrina Clay’s videos make me feel like I’m walking in the woods with her. And Suzi Banks Baum‘s deep need for all of us to be fully seen is breathtaking. Interestingly, a lot of the posts I’m drawn to make me think about my breath. About breathing room. Here’s Nancy Seibel’s post about Making Time to Make a Difference. Another form of breathing room.

The Quest, in many ways, is a meeting of minds. I get encouragement and feedback from this group, and offer mine in return. This is a community of people doing this quest in unison.

The truth is, the time I’ve carved out to write is from 5-6 AM, and nobody else is up thinking deep thoughts just yet.  Because I tend to post my responses earlier in the day than most of the other questers, I miss out on sharing that part of the journey here on my blog. Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m going this alone just because I’m the first one who gets up in the morning. Someone has to stir the coals.

Tending the Flames of Intuition

Today’s prompt rests comfortably in one of my areas of deepest understanding. Jess Lively has asked us:

What is your intuition calling you towards next?

My mental flashback machine zips me back to around 15-16 years ago. I was sitting in Lu’s office, and asking for her advice. I do not remember whether I was asking about something personal or professional. But her voice is the one I have heard ringing in my mind since then. “Your gut has never steered you wrong.” She’s right. It hasn’t. I just need to listen to it.

For me, my intuition rests deep in my belly. Intuition can be accompanied by a physical sensation. I can tap into it consciously by putting my hand on my low belly and taking a deep breath.  Sometimes, the only response I am able to articulate is as brief as the answers in a magic 8 ball. Yes. No. Ask later.


But my intuition is rarely ever wrong. Even if I can’t articulate why until weeks or months later.

What does my gut say right now?

Ask again later.

I’m in a holding pattern. I’m fact-finding. Things are – as I said in the first line – coalescing – but nothing has taken shape yet. For now, I’ll just keep on Questing, and look forward to what vista may rest over the next horizon.

What do you think?

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