The Moment on the Brink of Hope

It seemed like forever –
Mind closed around black oblivion,
Hands and knees bleeding from
shards of nightmares.
I could only cling to my self,
draw on endurance I hadn’t known existed.

What I thought was the loss of every part of my mind
was the release of everything holding me back.
Within the darkness, I recast my fate.
While I yearned for a pinprick of light ahead…
I was already dawning.

As the light gleaming in my own dark eyes
shimmers over the inky horizon, I finally see
I am not trapped in a skyless world, but
an infinite twilight of the day ahead.
With understanding, I can open my heart and see distant stars

It is my task to bring the light.
I can open my breathtaking joy
blinding resiliency
I am the moment on the brink of hope.


I am the moment on the brink of hope
Reborn into life each new day
Nights stretching before me no longer fill me with dread.
I will be tested. Stars painting my vision will swallow themselves.
I am unafraid.
The darkness is pierced by this fire within.


I tremble
as I raise my head
to wield this light.

And speak.

3 thoughts on “The Moment on the Brink of Hope

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