For Christmas this year, I got a 3D printing pen. Last weekend, I made a 5″ tall sculpture with the 3d pen and sculpey. It’s a little person, sitting in a meditative position. There is a sculpey brain, heart and intuitive swirl inside the ABS plastic frame.

First, I sketched the outline on paper, and traced that. Next time, I would not do the top of the torso and the arms and legs all at the same time.


Then, I used the template to make cross-pieces that would be the right size to bulk out the frame.


Then, using the 3D printing pen as a “glue gun,” I fit all the pieces together, and added structure until it would sit up on its own.


With a little more structure, I inserted the pre-made scupley pieces. Then I spent a few hours “doodling” to get the whole thing to look right.


For me, the piece asks “How do you make decisions?”


How Do You Make Decisions?

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