Life Well-Alive

Every two years or so, now I’ve revisited the Life-Well Lived list, an antidote to the bucket list. The answer to the would-have could-have should-haves.

Here is a link to my first one, four years ago, items number 1-46.

Here is a link to the update, two years ago,  items numbered 47-62.

And here’s the latest list! Starting at number 63. Since January 2015:

63.  I’ve seen the Grand Canyon in person, from both the north and south rims

64. I’ve been whitewater rafting in class 3 rapids with my family

65. I’ve been to 37/50 states

66.  My current AT mileage is 256

67.  and 26 of those miles were solo overnights

68. I’ve gotten altitude sickness on Mt. Evans – the tallest paved road in N. America

69.  I’ve gone on the US’s tallest alpine slide.

70.  I’ve seen petroglyphs in real life – close up and personal with kokopeli

71.  I’ve seen the fountain show in front of the Bellagio

72.  I saw a real-life tumbleweed tumble across the road

73.  We saw prairie dogs, and jackrabbits, antelope, buffalo and elk.

74.  I discovered “Atlas Obscura”  and have since:

  • gone to Tiny Town
  • eaten a really bad enchilada at Casa Bonita
  • visited the tree that owns itself
  • seen the GA guidestones
  • visited the New Orleans Pharmacy museum
  • and the Singing Oak in NOLA

75. Visited Athena in Nashville

76. Attended meetings at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA

77. Got to hire a Sweet Briar student as an intern at WebMD

78. Played guitar and sang lead vocals at Ladies’ Rock Camp – and as a result kept writing songs and playing my ukulele. The house now contains *counts* four musical instruments. Five if you count the ocarina.

79. Reupholstered a chair

80. Made lots of silly things. 3D pen stuff, more clothes, candle-holders. Just things that I needed to make. Y’know,  verbing.

81. Got a novel professionally edited (don’t judge me that I haven’t opened the file yet). And finished my second novel (it’s with readers now).

82.  Applied to graduate school

83.  I’ve spoken about SEO at two conferences.

84. I bought one of my best friends a golden fish while I was rather drunk in a castle. (True story. His name is Piers Castlefish III, and she made him a monocle and tuxedo. He’s a formal fish.)

85. I’ve ridden in the passenger seat while teaching my teenage stepson how to drive

86. … and I stopped him from running off the road in the cemetery while we were watching the flight of a hawk

87.  I’ve ignored no-trespassing signs

88. I – along with thousands of other alumnae – Saved Sweet Briar College

I think I’ll stop there, though there are lots of little things that I have come to cherish lately. Like talking with Lyft drivers or keeping the dog home from daycare. I’ve got a lot more to add to this list. Maybe I’ll find time to do that in 2019.


5 thoughts on “Life Well-Alive

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  3. I love the idea of a “Life Well-Lived list”. With so many “I want to do this (and that and…) lists going on, it’s nice to see celebrations of a more realistic kind. Not that looking toward the future is a bad idea (once you and another “I did it” to you list, you need a new thing to do), but as culture, I think we spend to much time planning for that “special day”.

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