Inviting Change

Earlier this week, I wrote my round up of all of the things that happened in 2017. The surprises, the good and the bad.  One of those things that I wrote about was that I’ve been working on asking for and receiving help from others.

It’s funny that today’s Quest 2016 instigations are about that, in a way.  The Tracking Wonder team suggests that we seek collaboration instead of competition. About enlisting competitors as potential collaborators. About doing it together.

Valuable Nuts and Bolts

Johnathan Fields asks:

Finding or building community starts with shared values and beliefs. Write down three or four deeply held values or beliefs about the way you see the world and what’s important to you.

I’ve written about this before, that 2017 actually resulted in finding my communities. I haven’t built more from there yet, but I’ve definitely been finding them.

I find the complexity of this question a little hard to hold – like a dryer load of socks without a basket.


  • I believe that attention matters, and that I should pay more attention to the things I want to grow (I believe in fighting FOR things, rather than against others)
  • I believe in reciprocating inspiration. I believe that we are all snowflakes, and we are all part of snowfall together
  • I believe that we should be protecting air, water, biodiversity, and natural spaces.
  • I believe in all of the gods there are and aren’t. The discomfort of shadow work is accepting the “and” rather than creating a false dichotomy and using an “or”.

Interesting, looking at this instigation this way. The environmental one is part of the Hipcamp tribe. The gods and shadow work are the Pacifica group.

This is pretty clear in terms of which groups are missing.  As I said before, I find collaboration daunting. So the idea of finding a group of people to reciprocate inspiration with and among is also daunting.

Hm, but I think there’s a hint here, in Dorie Clark’s question:

“To get an invitation, you have to give an invitation.”

Who will you invite to the table in 2018, and what form will this take?

Instead of daunting myself with the thought of walking cold into the Atlanta Storyteller Guild… I saw a poster for a local member at the coffee shop nearby.  I will invite her to join me for coffee, and see if I can learn from her what to expect.  That way, I might even have a friendly face already there for my first meeting?

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