Where 2018 Begins In Me

A few years ago, I started setting, checking and keeping my goals on a quarterly basis, rather than an annual one. I find that allows for flexibility and movement that annual goals seem to lack. You’ll also notice that I call these “goals” rather than “resolutions”. I’m not resolving anything. I’m just looking at the map to figure out the next few miles at a time.

Exquisite Self-Care

The first, and most important goal for 2018 is to take exquisite care of myself. This does not mean bubble baths.  It does mean doing the things that will help me build and fully create a sense of self-trust.   Trust grows from being trustworthy.

I’m reading a lot about ritual for grad school right now, and I’m interested in seeing how I can create a ritual or a series of mini-rituals that might help me to build that self-trust, and to really hone in on my commitment to self-care. I’ve got a great deal of fluidity in terms of how I shape my days, and I believe this might be a useful addition to my routine.

I plan to incorporate tools like breath-work, journaling, meditation, and maybe even singing or dancing into my daily life to help with this. It hasn’t taken 100% of its shape yet, but I’m getting there.

Participation Ribbons

I’ve mentioned that 2017 was a year of discovering and meeting my tribes. This year, I’ve got to show up and engage with them!  This includes fun stuff like Sweet Work Weeks with my Vixen sisters, Ladies Rock Camp, Hipcamp Campouts, and various other road trips and adventures.

This also includes 9 flights to California. It includes half of the sessions that will be required for the Master’s degree at Pacifica. It includes working full time while studying. Helping to grow a company I believe in matters to me. I look forward to starting to see the results of last year’s work in 2018!

Creating – Any Which Way I can

Having swollen, painful hands, and a lousy grip is hard on someone who likes to “verb” creatively and just make stuff for the hell of it.  I have to wait until it’s a good day to practice my ukulele. There are some days when it hurts to type.

But that act of creating is a huge part of showing up for myself.  It’s part of the self-trust stuff above, and part of participating in a group.  It’s play and expression, release and discovery.  Creative work is not optional.

So, whether I’m storytelling, writing, singing, speaking, or editing, I’ve got to commit to practicing. I’ve got to show up at the page, on the stage, or somewhere.

What do you think?

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