Join Me on a Quest

I haven’t posted much since last spring.  I started feeling better (yay!) and I started freelancing over the summer. My work website is even available!  I also completed my first year of Grad School at Pacifica! So there’s been a LOT happening, and I honestly haven’t had time to really slow down and think about much, let alone blog.

December is always when I do that stuff the best. I can hunker down and really make sure I’m still pointed toward my own true north star, and not drifting around somewhere in someone else’s expectations.  That’s what the Quest is for.

I’ve joined the Tracking Wonder team on their Quests each December since 2014, and I’m joining again this year. I’d like to invite you to join us as well!  Check it out here.  (Full disclosure, I’ve also officially joined the Tracking Wonder team as their SEO wizard, so this year, I’m talking about both coworkers and friends, rather than my usual loose affiliation of personal and professional networking.)  The group of mission-driven, soul-centered business artists is worth joining for the inspiration, support and new ways of thinking about goals and goal-setting.

Throughout the month of December, I will be posting responses to prompts and how I feel about 2019. I will be sharing the work of others, and showing you who inspires me along the way.

When you sign up (and you should!), there are 5 suggestions for how to prepare for the Quest ahead of us.  I’m a little stuck on this one – so I’ll share it with you here:

Set Your Devotion

Devotion is a “profound dedication.” It’s what separates the fantasizers from the actualizers. It’s what happens when you stand in love with a dream that really matters. It’s a quality that grants you the courage, the heart fuel, to surmount unpredictable difficulties. Setting a devotion or what you are devoted to allows you to stay more focused throughout this journey

This year, I’m devoted to…..

That’s the sentence I’m having a hard time finishing.

I know one of my major goals for 2019 is finishing year two of grad school and achieving an MA in Mythological Studies. In order to do that, I have to take exquisite care of my self and my body.  In order to do that,  I have to keep working and running a successful business because I have to pay tuition and travel expenses.

But the goal that the Master’s supports is surrounding my fiction writing and storytelling. I want to finish the revisions on my novel, I’d like to keep submitting short works of fiction to get published in other places. I want my storytelling voice to be heard.

Ah, there it is. 

This year, I’m devoted to being heard.


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