About AK Anderson

AK AndersonAlicia King Anderson is a storyteller based in Atlanta, Ga.

Her narrative essay Nichts Passiert in München  appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of Mayday magazine.

She works full-time as Head of SEO for a sharing-economy startup.  Sometimes, this blog is about digital marketing best practices. Not often.

Alicia also writes short stories, novels, graphic novels and essays.  She dabbles in poetry, likes to sew clothing, and is currently goofing around with a 3D printing doodler pen.

Most of the images on this blog are her own – taken on her various adventures. She likes to hike, explore crumbling buildings, check out outsider art, and geek out in museums.


6 thoughts on “About AK Anderson

  1. I have the account integrated with Twitter. As far as I can tell, that number in the footer = Twitter followers + email subscribers + WordPress blog-followers

    it drives me BATTY that no one ever comments :/

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