The Physics of Power

Those in power will do anything they must in order to stay in power. From the cheap seats, it looks like the white male capitalist hegemony is losing power, and is resorting to the toolbox of doing anything to keep it.

My body has decided it has had enough stress. My brain is a swirling soup of images and ideas, but nothing is ready yet to share. I'm tired. I'm hurting. I'm afraid. I'm angry. I'm not giving up.

Feelings Soup


Brenna, too, is Sacrificing her silence

Brenna Layne

img_20170119_071257688_hdrRed sky in the morning, sailors take warning…

Like many people, I’m worried. Scared, even. This feels like the beginning of a new age, and not the kind I’d hoped my children would inherit. Since the first of the year, I’ve been doing a project: #20resistance20hope. It’s been my way of stepping up as well as taking care of myself.

What I’ve learned through this process so far is that I have taken democracy for granted. I’ve voted, but otherwise I haven’t worked to help maintain it. I haven’t stepped up, haven’t taken on the burden of the responsibility that goes along with the power of having a voice.

I have a voice.

Often I feel I don’t, because it doesn’t reach as far as I’d like, spark the kind of change I’d like to help instigate. The people who read my words, who hear my voice, are a…

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