Separating the Ego from the Work

I'm getting better about reviewing books, especially since I'm trying my hand at reviewing comics more frequently.  I never minded doing book reports in school. I think the combined concern that my opinion is of little consequence and that reviews are of deep importance to the authors and lives of books makes it hard for me to do … Continue reading Separating the Ego from the Work


Fiction Friday – A Faerie Tale

This is an assignment from Vein of Gold. I was supposed to write a Fairy Tale. So I did.    The princess was on a quest. She had to visit each fount of wisdom before she could ascend to her throne. She visited the Troll of Numbers and learned the ways of shapes and lines. … Continue reading Fiction Friday – A Faerie Tale


Saw a rainbow on our first day in Santorini, and it happened to be while I was sketching the view from the terrace. Here's the photo version:   There isn't enough space for photos of Santorini. I would love to go back. It was breathtaking, dramatic, soothing, and inspiring. But there were a LOT of … Continue reading Santorini


The cartoon above explains our first five hours in Athens. We got little to no sleep on the plane, and couldn't check in at the hotel until almost 3 PM.  We explored the Acropolis, but ended up snoring in the lobby for the last 45 minutes until our room was ready. However, most of this … Continue reading Athens