“Get Well Soon” vs. “Have you tried…?”

I've written in the past about my emotions before, and the shame of disability. I've written about how working with this disease is personal shadow work. What I have't written about is how the shadow of chronic illness, chronic pain, and disability impact healthy people. How healthy people's unwillingness to sit with their own discomfort - … Continue reading “Get Well Soon” vs. “Have you tried…?”



This is going to be raw and unedited. It isn't going to make any sense. It just has to come out. Today is the National Day of Prayer, according to hashtags.

The Complaint Department

Even with people coming to the house for lunch and visitors breezing through town I'm lonely. I know this is because I'm not talking about the reality of my situation. I'm not letting anyone in. Not really. Because I don't want to complain. And right now, if I let people into my emotional space, it is largely negative.