From Hiking Poles to Wizard Staffs

My ankles are unreliable. When my rheumatologist presses the weird puffy bubbles of swelling at my joints, he says things like "this is rich with synovial fluid". That WD40 of the joints is supposed to be IN THE JOINTS not poufing out my fingers and feet. The lack of bio-lubricant sometimes makes for painful situations. … Continue reading From Hiking Poles to Wizard Staffs


Word Choices to Build With

Words have power. Storytellers and poets know this. The right word - the right image - can shape a thought, or elicit an emotion. Words are actions and prayers and energy that we put out into the world. The power to give shape to an indescribable experience via metaphor is more than most of us … Continue reading Word Choices to Build With

Feel the Dream

Today's Quest 2018 instigations are about dreaming. First, we envisioned our best year, and our purpose. My best year vision is one of foundations - laying solid ground to build more on later. It's about work, about storytelling, and graduate school, about self-care. My purpose thoughts circled around writing about my experiences of illness, and … Continue reading Feel the Dream

Instigating Something

Though the #Quest2018 will start in earnest on Tuesday, Jeffrey sent us all what he calls an "instigation" on December first.  I really enjoyed journalling my way through his prompts.  Rather than repeating them verbatim, and going into each of my detailed responses, I'd like to take a moment to synthesize my responses into a … Continue reading Instigating Something